Outsider Pictures has acquired “90 Minutes,” Aeden O’Connor’s feature debut which won the audience award at the Miami Film Festival. The Honduran movie will be represented in international markets and distributed in the U.S. by Outsider Pictures.

Written by Daniel Fraño, “90 Minutes” was shot in four episodes by a small crew of young Hondurans which worked pro-bono and raised the financing with the help of friends and family. “90 Minutes” weaves four stories of drama, romance and suspense all tied together by Honduras and soccer.

The movie is headlined by a hight-profile cast, including Edgar Flores (“Sin Nombre”) and Brandon Lopez (“The Golden Dream”).

“Like a football match, the film ebbs and flows, as the different stories take us in unexpected directions, and we just hope that by the end we will have the right result,” said Paul Hudson of Outsider Pictures who discovered the film at the Miami fest.

Fraño, who wrote and produced the movie with Aeden O’Connor and Ana Isabel Martins, said “the lens of football allows us to explore issues as diverse as immigration discrimination, drug trafficking, hooligan and domestic violence and even people trying to find a purpose in this world that every day feels more and more artificial and for all this to sit under a united thread.”

O’Connor said the Tiburcio Carias Andino stadium welcomed its last derby match with supporters during their filming at that location.

“At the next match, a couple of months later, four ‘barristas’ of the very groups we are portraying in the film were beaten to death by a rival mob right outside the stadium minutes before the match,” said the first-time helmer, who added “the line between our fictional film and reality was dissolved.”