The Forbidden Shore (2018)

Documentary, Music | 96 min
Rating: /10

Movie Info

  • Director: Ron Chapman
  • Writer: Ron Chapman
  • Release Date: March, 2016
  • Country: Canada, Cuba
  • Language: English, Spanish

Movie Story

“The amazing diversity of contemporary Cuban music is gorgeously explored in Ron Chapman’s third documentary feature. The Forbidden Shore follows the great success of The Poet of Havana, which featured Carlos Varela. With this ambitious new film, Chapman captures the full gamut of what’s happening now in Cuba, both the most exciting artists and the distinct musical scenes they move in, from classic son and salsa, to trova, nueva trova, reggaton, rock, jazz, metal, rap, electronic, classical, choral, pop, changu, danzón, rumba, yoruba, bolero, conga, timba, mambo and—if you can believe it—more.

But the present can only be understood within the context of the past, thus the film’s wonderful soundtrack is comprised of music new and old, of the sounds of modern iconoclasts and the immortal music of the old guard. This is a one-of-a-kind journey into the heart and soul of a sonic culture like no other, a place where music is cultivated and thrives through the enduring desire of its people to forge a sound that is all their own”

Through concert and street performances, and revealing interviews with musicians, artists and every day Cuban citizens, you’ll get a view of how spirited life is like on these shores.

Unique, amazing and beautiful footage – of concerts, interviews, musicians, artists, personal moments, dramatic stories, laughter and tears – a stunning chronicle of the lives, loves, stories and dreams of the people shrouded from the view of nearby shores.

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The Forbidden Shore

Documentary, Music

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