Bob Spit: We do NOT like people (2021)

Stop Motion Animation | 90 minutes
Rating: /10

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Movie Story

BOB SPIT – WE DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE is a stop-motion animation that mixes documentary, comedy and road-movie.
It tells the story of Bob Spit, an old punk trying to escape from a post-apocalyptic desert that is actually a purgatory inside the mind of his creator, Angeli, a cartoonist going through a creative crisis.


“This film defies expectation, defies label, defies genre…This film needs to be seen to be believed”

– Assholeswatchingmovies.com

Awards and Festivals

Annecy Film Festival
Ottawa Int’l Animation Film Festival

Sitges Fantasy Film Festival

Trailers & Videos


Bob Spit: We do NOT like people Trailer

Stop Motion Animation

Movie Showtimes

Laemmle NOHO

Santa Monica, CA

Show times

  • December 15
  • 2021

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