Supporting Independent Filmmakers and Theaters During the Covid-19 Pandemic

You don’t have to stop going to your favorite independent movie theater during the covid epedemic, as Outsider Pictures is introducing Virtual Theatrical Cinema, a new way of supporting the independent theater you love while responsibly watching new theatrical films from the safety of your home.
To be clear, the Virtual Theatrical release is NOT intended to replace the magic of the movie-going experience, but knowing that the movie theatre is the last place any of us can go right now, Outsider, in conjunction with, has made watching our new award winning films as easy as possible: just find your local theater below, click BUY TICKET, enter your credit card information, and you’re all set!
All rentals are good for 48 hours after you begin watching. And the best part is that 40% of the national ticket price will go directly towards supporting the local independent theater you chose to buy your ticket from.
If you don’t see a theater in your area, please Email us and let us know who you’d like to see on this list and we’ll contact them. We are actively updating this list on a daily basis. Email: If you can’t wait for your local theatre to start playing the film, then buy a ticket at one of the theatres near you and support independent film across the country!
Our Mothers

Guatemala, 2018. The country is riveted on the trial of the military officers who started the civil war. The victims’ testimonials keep pouring in.


A 19-year-old’s life in Guatemala City is routine and aimless, until he finds passion, pain and self-reflection through a relationship with a Caribbean migrant.


A uniquely gender-fluid, dancing in the streets, sheets and bars impressionistic take on a movie romance, set in a Jewish-Israeli New York world of sexy and frequently fully unclothed bodies.



Variety –“As witnesses of the genocide, the Mayan women of Guatemala are the bridge between past and present, repositories of memory and conduits for justice…”

Cineuropa – “…offers an example of remembrance and resilience. His film erupts like a shout in the darkness that surrounds this often overlooked massacre that cost mostly Indian lives, and paints the heartbreaking portrait of a mother and her son.” 

Press – “While the film’s characters are all realized by finely tuned performances, special mention must be made of Salanic for his complex and truly superb work as José.”

The New York Times – “Beautiful…stars the excellent Enrique Salanic.”


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