RK/RKAY is a quirky, new comedy directed, written by, and starring Rajat Kapoor, who has been called the “godfather of independent film” in India.

With international borders largely closed, staying at home and being unable to travel often feels confining. But it has also provided many of us with new opportunities to see and engage with the world virtually. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to preview RK/RKAY, a soon-to-be-released film, and have the chance to ask questions of its multi-talented actor/director, Rajat Kapoor.

My first exposure to the cinema of India has been quite a positive one; this film was engaging, thought-provoking and entertaining. I’m hoping to see more of Kapoor’s work.

The storyline

This creative “film in a film” tells the tale of a director who has an uneasy feeling that his latest project will somehow never successfully come to fruition. His worst nightmare comes true when he gets a disturbing phone call from the editing room. Somehow, the protagonist of the film jumped out of the screen, wresting control of the movie’s plot. 

“The character Mahboob who is destined to die at the end of the film, rebels against his destiny and runs out of the film as an act of defiance,” explains Kapoor.

After much angst, RK eventually finds his lead character and takes him to his home. But then the somewhat annoying guy begins to immerse himself in the real life of the filmmaker, his wife, and two children.

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