Flying Boat (2016)

Drama, Foreign | 97 Min
Rating: /10

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FLYING BOAT, a breakout documentary by Filmmaker/Photographer/Pilot Dirk Braun, chronicles the past with a look to the future. It is a contemporary take on a subject rich in history that has been lost in time. The film underscores the importance of preserving the flying boat’s history for future generations. Braun brought together 10 passionate fellow pilots who are featured in the film and have different aspirations and ambitions as to why they’re flying them. These aviators share a rare bond and provide reflective commentary about their experiences of flying and maintaining these impressive machines of which only a few remain. Breathtaking aerial footage of the aircraft in motion is integrated with untapped archival footage from the long lost era of adventure and romance of the Golden Years of aviation. The Film blends verit√©, high production and an original score.

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Drama, Foreign

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