The Silent Party (2022)

Action, Thriller | 87 minutes
Rating: /10

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Movie Story

She finds herself in a brain fog, walking back to her father’s ranch, and as the gravity of what’s happened sinks in, her fury rises. She heads right for the gun cabinet and straight back to the party to find her attackers. What follows is tense, suspenseful, and even though the situation isn’t wholly black and white (as she did make out with one of the college students while someone else recorded video on a mobile phone), her response is a satisfying flavor of vengeance.


“The pace is tight, and the film’s last scene is a fantastic conclusion to the story: a little bit Telenovela, a little bit grindhouse, and 100% quality.” – Film Threat

“A platform to convey a much more subtle message about patriarchism, stale relationships and female empowerment” – Hoy Sale Cine


Official Selection Mar Del Plata 2019 (Argentina)
Official Selection, Huelva 2020 (Spain)
Official Selection, Fantastic Fest 2020 (USA)
Official Selection, Cine Latino Trieste 2021 (Italy)
Official Selection, CineFantasyFF 2022 (Brazil)

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The Silent Party

Action, Thriller

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