The Shape of Things to Come (2021)

Sci-Fi, Drama | 85 Minutes
Rating: /10

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Teo, an intrepid child, lives with his father Luis in Lima, an electrician devoted to the creation of a strange machine. Lured by a feeling of independence, Teo joins a gang of young criminals, bringing turmoil to the relationship with his father.


“Seductive, distressing and unforgettable.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Inside a boxy aspect ratio, auteur Víctor Checa paints a deliberately drab vision of Lima, Peru, where the atmospheric cinematography and lo-fi elements of technology in the narrative create a gritty and grounded take on science fiction. Both Molina and Bacilio’s understated performances match the somber energy.” – LA Times

“This little contemporary science-fiction drama about machine-versus-nature is at times hypnotic, bursting with dark lyricism. At times it seems to evoke Tarkosvky….” – Dirty Movies

“Debutant V. Checa builds an intricate and noirish world in this semi-sci-fi tale of man-machine and father-son relationships.” – Tallinn Black Nights

Awards and Festivals

Tallin Black Nights – Rebels with a Cause
Malaga Int’l Film Festival
D’A Film Festival
Los Angeles Latino Int’l Film Festival

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Sci-Fi, Drama

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