Mundo Alas (2010)

Documentary, Musical | 89 Min
Rating: /10

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 6 August, 2010
  • Genres: Documentary, Musical
  • Country: Argentina
  • Language: Spanish

Movie Story

MUNDO ALAS is a road movie. A journey of initiation by a group of new young artists who present their works, accompanied by the voice, talent and experience of León Gieco (Argentina’s most important folk-rock singer and songwriter), while on a tour through several Argentinean provinces.

Musicians, singers, dancers and painters, all of them important artists with different disabilities, who express and communicate their perspective of the world – their worries, their joy, their inspiration – in a show that blends music, dancing and painting. The movie presents a show which features rock, folk music and tango, along with León Gieco’s greatest hits.
Throughout the tour and the movie, we get to know each protagonist’s life story and growth as an artist. Shows, rehearsals, hotels and the road are the settings for stories and music that give rise to new dreams: recording the Mundo Alas soundtrack and closing the tour with a big concert at Luna Park (the biggest and most prestigiou concert hall in Buenos Aires). During this time, stories of love and human relationships emerge and prove that integration is possible.
A unique film that intends to include everyone. A wonderful musical experience about overcoming difficulties and about love, that begins to identify and recognize people by their abilities.

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