Days of the Whale (2020)

Drama, Foreign | 80 min
Rating: /10

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Movie Story

Set in the bustling city of Medellín, Colombia’s second-largest city, Days of the Whalefollows Cristina (Laura Tobón) and Simon (David Escallón), two young graffiti artists who tag spots around where they live. Simón comes from a more working-class background and lives with his grandmother. They are part of an art collective that is the center for a group of young revolutionaries. Cristina is a college kid from an upper-middle-class family who finds herself living with her dad because her mother is a journalist who moved to Spain when threatened by the city’s criminal street gangs. The love that unites them, and their friendship with other artists keeps Cristina from leaving the city as tensions rise when Cristina and Simon’s rebellious, restless spirit leads them to defy this same gang by painting a mural over a threatening tag at the center.


“An indomitable youthful exuberance thrums through ​ Arroyave Restrepo​’s … confident, good-looking debut… the unmistakably upbeat filmmaking is slightly at odds with the precarious situation it is portraying.” – Variety
“Arroyave Restrepo is able to encapsulate so much about the universal experience of being a teenager…a quiet, beautiful coming of age story.” – Film Threat 
“A gem of a film. The story is compelling, the art is amazing, the sense of place is near perfect.” – UnSeen Films
“A story of youthful rebellion and the inevitable consequences of getting in with the wrong crowd.” – Flixist

Awards and Festivals

AFI Latinamerican Film Festival

Chicago Latino Film Festival

Havana International Film Festival

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Days of the Whale (Los Días de la Ballena)

Drama, Foreign