Adios Buenos Aires (2023)

Musical, Comedy, Drama | 93 minutes
Rating: /10

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Opens exclusively in New York at the Cinema Village on May 3rd, the Laemmle Royal in Los Angeles and the Coral Gables Art Cinema on May 10th, then expands across the country.


Buenos Aires, November 2001. Argentina is embroiled in crisis, with the peso plunging deeper and deeper. Julio Färber, the charismatic bandoneon player of the “Vecinos de Pompeya,” a five-piece working-class tango band, is trying to keep his head above water, but every month he is earning less and less from their gigs as well as from the traditional shoe shop he inherited from his father. At the very moment, he takes the decision to leave his beloved Buenos Aires forever, it clearly appears that life is conspiring against him: overnight, the government freezes all bank accounts in the whole country, preventing Julio from purchasing the flight tickets and sparking violent protests throughout the town. And Mariela, a witty young woman, and feisty cab driver, bumps into his car at full speed, damaging Julio’s last possession of value before stealing his heart…
The screenplay of ADIÓS BUENOS AIRES was written by Stephan Puchner, Fernando Castets and German Kral.
ADIÓS BUENOS AIRES was inspired by the real tragic events that shook Argentina in late 2001. The government froze all the country’s bank accounts from one day to the next, which became known in Argentina as the “Corralito” (little stall). Three weeks later, the December 19 and 20 pot-banging protests in the streets brought down the government at the time.

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Adios Buenos Aires

Musical, Comedy, Drama

Movie Showtimes

Cinema Village

New York, NY

Show times

  • May 3

Laemmle Royal

Los Angeles, CA

Show times

  • May 10

Coral Gables Art Theatre

Coral Gables, FL

Show times

  • May 10

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