Jonás Trueba

Director, Writer


Jonás Trueba debuted as director and co-writer in 2000 with a first short film, Cero en Conciencia . For this script he had the collaboration of Daniel Gascón, author of the novel The Age of the Turkey . In 2001 , Jonás Trueba collaborated on the script for the comedy Más pena que gloria , by director Víctor García León . In 2006, he returned to collaborate with García León, this time with the script for the movie Vete de mí . This film, which featured actors such as Juan Diego , Juan Diego Botto or Cristina Plazas , was well received by Spanish critics.

In 2009 he collaborated with the film El baile de la Victoria , by Fernando Trueba , on a work by Antonio Skármeta . The tape, shot in Chile and starring the Argentine actor Ricardo Darín .

He is also the author of the medium-length film Miniatures (2011), and some video clips such as La gran broma final , by Nacho Vegas, or Balada Baladí , by El Hijo, Oda al amor epímero, by Tulsa or Arcadia en flor , by Rafael Berrio. He has directed a play, I Think Of You Often (2007), and has worked as a film book editor. He collaborates in various media outlets and writes a blog for the newspaper El Mundo, which is called The Wind Blows Where You Want . His first novel, Las ilusiones (Peripheral editorial), is related to the film Los ilusos , his second feature film.