Isabelle Stoffel



Since her graduation from the Drama Academy in Bern, Isabelle Stoffel has made a stunning international acting career. Born and raised in Switzerland, with German and Spanish as mother tongues, she has played with companies in Lucerne, Zurich, Basel and Bern, in Leuven (Belgium), Hamburg, Berlin, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro. She was one of the founders of Bern’s Pantastica Productions group and is a long-standing member of Nico and the Navigators, a mime troupe based in Berlin. Apart from the stage, Isabelle can be seen in German and Spanish TV and cinema features more and more often, e.g. in Berlin Is in Germany (cinema, 2001), Aerzteteam Nord (TV, 2001), Sobre El Arco Iris (cinema, 2003), Hinter Gittern (TV, 2003/4), 1 Franco, 14 Pesetas (cinema, 2006), Invisibles (cinema, 2007). In January 2009 Isabelle is playing the main role in the the Spanish cinema feature El Consul De Sodoma, while performing the play Los Hermoso Viaje De Los Osos Panda at the theater La Cuarta Pared in Madrid.