Graciela Borges



Graciela Borges started her career in the late 50s playing important roles in films. Perhaps, her most successful role then was “Una Cita con la Vida” (1956) with leading actress Gilda Lousek. Borges had an outstanding performance in the movie “Cronica de una Señora” (1970) where she played an aristocratic bored woman. This film, as many others Mrs. Borges has made in the 70s, was directed by Raúl De La Torre.

In television, Borges was in a successful soap opera “Tres Destinos” (1966) with leading actresses Elsa Daniel, Marcela Lopez Rey, and Maria Aurelia Bisutti. In the 70′ s she played many main characters in ” Alta Comedia”. In 1994 she appeared in many episodes of “Alta Comedia” as well such as “La Casa” directed by Maria Herminia Avellaneda and with actors Jorge Marrale, Delfy De Ortega, Elena Tasisto, and Boy Olmi.

Untill these days, Mrs. Borges is still playing main roles in different films. Also, she is still appearing in important TV shows.


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